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About Company

We are the Exclusive Distributors of AGRIPOLYANE, France for Greenhouse Polyfilms & TESICOL, Colombia S.A. for Thermal Shading Screens. We also supply wide range of Shadenets & complete Greenhouse accessories.

TESICOL, Colombia S.A.

TESICOL products are made in high density Polyethylene & Polypropylene with UV additives which guarantee long lasting outdoor life. They are committed to the highest standards of quality, consultancy during the purchase process, use and installation of their products.

Manufactures of Thermal screen - ALUMITEX 50% and are exporting the product to more than 20 countries worldwide.

ALUMITEX acts like a MIRROR. It offers superior year round climatic protection for flowers, potted plants and vegetables. Its unique feature reflects unwanted sunlight and harmful heat radiation from greenhouse during summer, and preserve the heat inside the greenhouse in winter. It comes with 3 year UV protection.

Features of Product
•  Reduces the temperature in summer time. (Temperature lowering between 5° – 8° )
•  Improves the photosynthesis process, thus increases the climatic comfort of the plants
•  Rises up the temperature in the winter.
•  Improves the climate conditions without damaging the crops.
•  Increases the productivity offering the possibility to harvest all year long.
•  Help to save water and fertilizers.
•  Controls pest & diseases.
• Greater light diffusion that allows the plants to receive light from all around them, increasing the chemical activity and favoring the production.

ALUMITEX (Thermal Screen) is high quality metalized HDPE knitted screen. The fibres are produced from HDPE film, giving fibre durability and longevity. Aluminium metallization coat is applied on the fibres and are covered with a special oxidation coating. The screen is knitted into various percentage and designs in a uniform texture.

The net meets the ASTM-D 3887 standard.

TESICOL manufacturing unit is situated at Zona Indusrial Chimita Km 1, Bucaramanga, Colombia, S. A.

J VISHWAS ENTERPRISE is Sole Distributor for Tesicol Products in India.
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Alumitex (Thermal Screen)

Thermal screen is replacement for shade net used for agricultural purpose.

Use of Thermal screen inside greenhouses effectively reduces temperature within greenhouse.

Thermal screen acts as both shade net and reflector which prevents unwanted IR rays to harm the production and growth of plants.

Due to reflection on both sides it serves the dual purpose i.e. in the day time it reduces the temperature within green house and in nights when the outside greenhouse temperature falls, it retains the hot air within green house due to its Thermic effect.

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